“Sick” by Sea Girls

From the UK comes one of my favorite bands once more, say hello to Sea Girls and their latest sonic creation, “Sick”. With this honest and instantly relatable blend of melodies and lyrics, they explore their own personal frustrations while connecting with our reality, as we realize that we share so much in common. The visual approach works perfectly to encompass the deep layers that are found within each verse making the track so much more human and raw. They have really managed to give life another instant hit and a fantastic addition to their ever-growing repertoire of must-listen gem. So listen, see and fall prey to the hypnotizing touch of Sea Girls. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“It was very important that this video felt real and didn’t stray from the intended feelings of frustration and repetition I was feeling in my life when this song was written.”

Henry Camamile of Sea Girls

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