“Seriously?” by Maya Malkin

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Maya Malkin comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the inspiring and powerful sonic creation that is “Seriously?”. With this charming and hypnotizing blend of melodies and lyrics, she speaks of the harsh reality that sadly women are still not always taken serious when they speak about their hopes and dreams. The track is not set only in a romantic setting, but invites us to look beyond this and see that we need to celebrate and be always in their corner because they have it all to make big things happen.

This means we must always be there and remind ourselves that the fire that burns inside them is also part of their magic and beauty. It’s not about shallow words but actually putting actions behind them and remembering that the world runs thanks to all of us, not just some of us. So listen closely and celebrate all those marvelous women in your life and in the world as this fantastic must-listen gem comes alive. Enjoy!

Location: Canada

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“Seriously? celebrates femininity and is about wanting to be taken seriously as a woman, whether that be romantically, as a musician, or as a human being in general.

It’s about valuing yourself, your time, your energy, tapping into your female power, and not letting anything or anyone get in the way of the life you want and deserve.”

Maya Malkin

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