“Being Human” by Eden Rain

Up-and-coming indie singer/songwriter Eden Rain continues to make 2021 her year and this time she releases the sonic creation that is “Being Human”. While she calls this track the classing ‘missing you’ song, it really manages to deliver a unique and personal sonic and visual experience that makes it so haunting and exciting from the very first moment you press play. Her voice is smooth and subtly passionate yet so intoxicating and hypnotizing, making sure you fall down this rabbit hole she has crafted with such magic and palpable rawness.

Something about this track just grabs you by surprise and never lets you go, inviting you to press play over and over again allowing the story to go from being hers to being yours. So listen, see and fall prey to this fantastic must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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‘It’s a classic ‘missing you’ song – all the late nights and lying around and getting drunk – all the best parts of being human and being comfortable with someone. It’s about peeing with the door open’.

Eden Rain

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