“Everything Hurts” by Hadley Kennary

From the U.S. comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Hadley Kennary with the inspiring and honest sonic creation that is “Everything Hurts”. With this refreshingly personal and captivating soundscape, she opens up her heart and soul to allow us to see not only the artist, but also the person. The melodies and lyrics come together with such firm yet inviting touch, allowing us to feel a connection as the story unfolds and we see that it’s not just hers, but ours as well. The track carries in it a gentle reflection of our own ups and downs in life and serves to remind us that we all fall and break, but also get up and mend ourselves.

All these unique sonic touches along with the welcomed touches of human fragility and warmth make this track a must-listen gem. So listen, connect and embrace the sweet magic that lies within this track. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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