“Easy” by Ellevator

Canadian indie pop-rock band Ellevator comes to Wolf in a Suit with the haunting sonic creation that is “Easy”. With this exquisite and utterly captivating blend of melodies and lyrics, they give life to an absolute banger bound to become an instant fan favorite. The track unfolds with such passion and energy that you just can’t stop yourself from pressing play over and over again. Something about this soundscape is so amazing and pulls you with such firm grasp that there’s no escaping the mesmerizing nature of this contemporary must-listen gem. So listen, see and let the visuals and sounds of this fantastic track offer you a welcome escape from reality and into the arms of this one-of-a-kind track. Enjoy!

Location: Canada

 “When I was 17 I moved to the other side of the world and joined what would most accurately be described as a cult. I prayed for strangers I met in parking lots. I shut my eyes and read the dappled light between my lashes like tea leaves that could divine the future. Vulnerability was a badge in that community so I learned to overshare. Teachings were given in the language of freedom while the stiff hand of purity reduced my body to a shameful temptation. Growing up like that gave me a love of music, a nose for bullshit, and a lot to unravel. This song is about the good and evil things we are raised to believe. I was held captive by an ideology that severely limited my life and my perspective of the world around me. It’s a process I’m still in the middle of, this work of extraction.” 

Nabi-Sue Bersche of Ellevator

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