“Old School Calling” by Mila Nile

Uber-talented Swedish indie singer/songwriter Mila Nile comes to us with another fine showcase of feelings and emotions, say hello to “Old School Calling”. With this charming blend of melodies and lyrics, she gives life to a special tale that invites us to reminisce about the beauty of the moments passed while still staying in touch with what the present holds. The track is quite charming and something about is so inspiring and fun making sure our senses fall prey to the sweet joy that lies within it.

Her voice is soothing while it still has the capacity to inject us with energy good vibes, making the experience not just fun but almost necessary. So listen closely and let loose as you body becomes one with the magic that makes this soundscape a must for any music lover. Enjoy!

Location: Australia / Sweden

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“Like most people, I’ve spent more of the past year thinking about the life I’ve lived than actually living it. That’s definitely reflected in this single, which is about taking time to be grateful for the wonderful people I’m lucky enough to call friends and celebrating those friendships that feel like they’ll last a lifetime.”

Mila Nile

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