“Loaded” by Harry Stone

Up-and-coming indie singer/songwriter Harry Stone comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the exquisite sonic creation that is “Loaded”. With this fantastic and honest debut single, the talented young artist gives life to a personal and hypnotizing soundscape bound to explore the ins and outs of being human. The track exposes the fragile nature of our hearts and souls while serving as inspiration to remind us that we can challenge our weaknesses and push to be more than what’s written in our scripts. His voice is like pure silk, flowing with ease through the airwaves yet something about it offers our senses a welcomed dose of passion and raw honesty that makes it so intoxicating and so perfect.

So listen closely and fall prey to this fantastic must-listen gem that shows not only a glimpse of his talent, but also serves to remind us that there’s something in the water in the UK (talent just can’t stop to appear from those lands). Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“Seeing someone you care about go through this is hard, and it inspired in me a feeling of wanting to challenge it – but some things just have too much inertia, they can’t be stopped, almost like trying to stop the city moving itself. Everything Lil Silva contributed perfectly resembled those nights, in the madness and the mood.”

Harry Stone

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