“Tony Called The Muscle” by Touching

From Canada comes the uber-talented indie act Touching with the honest and raw sonic creation that is “Tony Called The Muscle”. With a rebellious and in-your-face approach, the track comes alive from the moment you press play and instantly pulls you in. The voice is amazing and in a second catches you off guard and hypnotizes your senses with utmost care and a dose of truth. Plus, the visuals are stunning and intoxicating giving life to a vivid and uniquely magical experience.

So listen, see and dive into the unknown that makes this track a must for any music lover. Enjoy and make sure to add this fantastic musical act into your playlists!

Location: Canada

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“The song came out of a pretty crummy, traumatic time. I had a client who became a dear friend and a trusted creative collaborator. We made a helluva album together and I learnt a lot from him. Things ended up getting pretty messy after some tough truths came to light. Losing a client? It happens. Losing a close creative partner, feeling like you got played, and being adjacent to the upending of a bunch of relationships? That takes a while to sort out.”


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