“Illusion” by Moyka

From Norway comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Moyka with the playful and honest sonic creation that is “Illusion”. With this refreshing and inviting blend of melodies and lyrics, she gives life to a tale of letting your imagination fly a little higher than it should when it comes to love. She showcases how at times, our mind plays tricks on us and invites us to see a future with someone so perfect and so beautiful, then when reality doesn’t match it, it just hits like a bucket of cold water. Her voice is absolutely perfect and made to shine through any arrangement of pop sounds, giving to stories that embrace the fragile yet magical nature of the human condition. Listen closely, for inside this track surely lies a reflection of a moment in which your imagination took over and fed your senses something that sadly wasn’t there. Enjoy!

Location: Norway

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“When I have a crush I tend to daydream and make up stories in my mind about meeting and being around the person that I like. In this song I wake up from the daydream to only find it was an illusion. Sometimes love happens like that. It’s quite naive, but that’s what makes me love it so much.”


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