“Little Habits” by Leon Stanford

From the UK comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Leon Stanford with the haunting and personal sonic creation that is “Little Habits”. With this refreshing raw and human showcase of feelings and emotions, he gives life to a tale that explores what it means to have an addictive/OCD personality. The track explores this reality with an honest and down-to-earth approach that perfectly blends with the surreal and captivating nature of the visuals. His voice embraces perfectly with the way in which the melodies and lyrics become one, making this an astonishing soundscape.

There’s no escaping this one-of-a-kind track that can easily be labeled as a must-listen gem for any music lover across the globe. So listen closely and embrace the magic that makes it so special and raw. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

“Little Habits is about having an addictive/OCD personality and trying to break those little habits but constantly making excuses. an upbeat motown vibes track written as a wake up call to remind myself not to leave till it’s all too late and take control.”

Leon Stanford

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