“Fragrance” by Augustine

From Sweden comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Augustine with the bittersweet sonic creation that is “Fragrance”. With this haunting blend of melodies and lyrics he gives life to a tale of what happens after the heartbreak and your heart still hasn’t moved on. The track paints a picture that is so human and so raw as it speaks of how your senses at times play with your feelings and emotions making you think somebody that was once special is close by. He understands that not all do that but sometimes the heart is not that quick to forget and still plays with your memories, thinking those moments could happen once more.

There’s something about his voice that pulls you gently and guides you through this reality that exposes the fragile nature of the human experience in a way that is quite intoxicating from start to end. So listen closely and fall prey to the sweet bittersweet magic that makes this track so special and so amazing. Enjoy!

Location: Sweden

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“Even though you’re trying to forget and move on, your mind is so obsessed with the thought of running into that person that sometimes you even trick yourself into thinking that you’ve noticed that familiar fragrance. But of course it turns out it’s not them, it never is. As you pass through her subway station, you fantasize about getting off the train and buying her dinner. ‘What’s for tonight, pasta or pizza?’ Instead, you stay in your seat as the doors close and the train rolls on”


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