“Vagabond” by Sam Marks

From Australia comes the uber-talented indie rocker Sam Marks with the electrifying and rebellious sonic creation that is “Vagabond”. With this powerful and in-your-face blend of melodies and lyrics, he gives life to a tale that is so unique and so personal to him. The track flows with ease, blending melodies and lyrics into one tale that is so instantly vivid and lush. His voice serves as the perfect guide through this reality that embraces our imagination and gives life to something so special and awe-inspiring. So listen carefully and let go of all you know as you dive into this world that he has crafted with such passion and care giving your senses a chance to break free. Enjoy!

Location: Australia

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’Vagabond’ is a story influenced by someone I had a relationship with a few years ago. They were in Australia for a period of time, escaping their life in their home country. She’d had a troubled past and a difficult time dealing with it. At times, I was overwhelmed with what I’d learnt about her past. I was swept up in a fiery and tempestuous relationship with them, slipping into an expanding maelstrom of emotions. And all of the sudden, they were gone.”

Sam Marks

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