“Venus” by LUME

From the UK comes the uber-talented LUME with the magical, beautiful and absolutely inspiring sonic creation that is “Venus”. With this intoxicating and refreshingly captivating blend of melodies and lyrics she gives life to a tale that speaks of the capacity of all women to break free and overcome all the boundaries that life might set in front of them. The soundscape flows with ease and with such a natural touch that you can’t help but feel each and every verse as they flow together hand in hand with firm conviction and hypnotizing fire. Her voice serves as the perfect guide through this reality that is coming together and becoming so palpable and so raw from the moment you press play. The track has it all to be an anthem for the modern woman and in her magic lies a sweet dose of inspiration and a reminder that they are all powerful and so majestic. So listen closely and if you are man learn because all those women that surround you are pure fire and can do everything that at times society tries to tell you they can’t. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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