“KING” by Rosa Linn Ft. Kiiara

Up and coming Armenian indie singer/songwriter Rosa Linn joins forces with the American singer/songwriter Kiiara and together they give life to “KING”. With this visually and sonically stunning blend of melodies and lyrics they give life to a powerful tale bound to pull you in an instant to be part of it. The soundscape unfolds with such naturality and such unique magic that you can’t help but feel a certain bittersweet yet intoxicating dose of magic ooze from it. The track is a sonic and visual invitation to escape from our realities and explore theirs as they give life to something so real and so raw.

So listen, see and connect the dots as the song unfolds and instantly becomes a must-listen/must-see gem that you are sure to crave over and over again. Enjoy!

Location: Armenia / USA

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“I want my music to have a message and as soon as I wrote “KING”, I knew it had to be my first release. It addresses the political undertones between Russia and America and I’m thankful to have Kiiara share her / the American perspective of what fame is like.”

Rosa Linn

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