“Life Goes On!!” by Sophie Powers

From Canada comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Sophie Powers with the pop-rock gem that is “Life Goes On!!”. With this stunning and honest blend of melodies and lyrics she speaks of heartbreak and moving on in a way that is not only inspiring but quite relatable. The way in which the track comes together makes it an amazing reality to explore and feel as ours while still staying true to her own experience. Her voice is rebellious and refreshingly inviting allowing the track to come together quite nicely and keep us hooked from start to end.

Something about it just so fun and in a way manages to provide each listener with a much needed dose of inspiration. So listen closely and dive into the sweet magic of this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Canada

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“I’ve experienced and seen first-hand how badly teenage romance can suck. This song is a true experience of how my friend and I took the subway to meet this guy I liked who was 1 hr away. I was so excited to meet up with him, but I got stood up and it was so embarrassing because I saw him a week later on the subway with another girl.

I wrote this song about that experience, because the whole time I just kept reminding myself that life goes on and I’m not going to feel this way forever. I’m happy I had the phrase life goes on to keep me moving forward instead of back and I hope this song reminds other kids my age the same thing!”

Sophie Powers

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