“Tom Petty” by Allie Dunn

Up and coming indie singer/songwriter Allie Dunn comes to Wolf in a Suit with her second single, say hello to “Tom Petty”. With this refreshingly raw and honest blend of melodies and lyrics she tells a story of a relationship that comes to moment in which things brake. The soundscape caresses our senses with a gentle yet passionate touch that is down-to-earth and so easy to connect. The track pulls us in and gets us hooked into what’s unfolding as the verses flow one after the other making this story as much ours as it is hers. She understands how to properly tell a story and make sure our imagination unfolds and runs free becoming one with the track. So listen, see and fall prey to the bittersweet magic of this fantastic must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“Tom Petty is a song I hold close to my heart because it was the first song I ever co-wrote in Nashville and because it tells the story of a once broken relationship I was in where one slight moment opened a can full of worms called truth.” 

Allie Dunn

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