“Noise” by Twan X Iceberg

What do you get when an Italian musician/producer and an American singer/songwriter/producer meet up in London? You get sweet, out-of-this-world and magical…“Noise”. Listen to Twan and Iceberg joining forces and giving life to the intoxicating and mesmerizing sonic creation that is this one-of-a-kind track. The soundscape caresses your senses and connects the dots in a way that is just so enticing and hypnotizing. Twan sets the right mood with his instrumental arrangement allowing Iceberg‘s voice to pull us in and bring it all together. This track is really an amazing escape from reality that offers us all that we ever needed for our imagination to break free and run wild. So listen, imagine and have a taste of the must-listen gem that is this fine showcase of musical ambrosia. Enjoy!

Location: Italy / USA / United Kingdom

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