“Make Believe” by Apricot Ink

Australian-based indie band Apricot Ink comes to Wolf in a Suit with the refreshing pop creation that is “Make Believe”. With this refreshingly soothing and inspiring soundscape they give life to a tale that speaks to us all in a gentle and down-to-earth fashion. The track blends melodies and lyrics that aim to invite us to explore the world and embrace the beauty of the simplicity of the world that we at times forget to see. Something about this sonic experience is simply so mesmerizing and gratifying that there’s no way of not falling in love with the magic that makes it so special.

We can all find inspiration within this verses as we dive into it and make it a home for our senses and our hearts. So listen closely and embrace the sweet joy found in this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Australia

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“It’s a natural evolution from our previous singles. It romanticises the rawness of the real world and the beauty in the simple things that we once took for granted. It’s about relishing the present moment, embracing and accepting yourself and others. We sampled birds and layered it underneath the production and vocals. It brought the track to life and it was a reminder of exactly where we were and how we felt at the time. It was meant to be. It felt right and resonated harmoniously. 

Willo of Apricot Ink

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