Meet Arms Akimbo

*What inspired the latest jam?
Well it’s kind of a COVID baby in a way. I was really inspired the last couple years by the combination of acoustic/folk elements and how they match with electronic elements. My drummer Matt and I (Peter) really dug in on this song and all the folk I brought to the table was really complemented by his ability to program lofi drums (and double them on a real kit). Throw in Colin’s high harmonies and viola. 

*How has the songwriting process evolved from when you guys started?
The biggest change is that COVID put us inside and took away our ability to make songs in a practice space for a whole year. While that sounds like a bad thing, it’s actually become a blessing because we can write differently now. Our process has become more like a pop flow than a typical garage band. Songs go straight into the recording process and our songwriting is birthed out of hearing a more fleshed out concept, as opposed to trying something by all playing together. I’m not saying that one songwriting style is better than another, but it’s certainly exciting to have a new method of creativity. 

*What keeps you guys pumped and going forward?
Let’s be real. It’s f*cking hard sometimes! Especially this past year. People get exhausted, desperate, and sidetracked. But I think the important thing is (and this is not a new concept) – falling in love with the process and learning to give up on results. We recently recording a few songs with a friend of mine. Great producer named Bubblewrap. The energy in the room was so positive, mindful, song-supportive and equal. We were bouncing ideas around. No one was offended by decisions and everyone had the singular goal of making the best song we could. That weekend was essential in reminding me that I LOVE MAKING MUSIC. Oh my God sooooo many things are involved in having a music career and we often lose sight of the reason we started in the first place. we love making music. period. 

*Is there a place that just inspires you or relaxes you, helping the inspiration flow?
Not really. It’s important to learn how to get in flow state anywhere. I spend a lot of time in parks and as long as I have a phone nearby so I can record. It doesn’t really matter where I am.

*Vinyl, CD or Digital?  (which do you prefer?
Vinyl baby!!!!! Digital is obviously more convenient, but the ritual of putting a record on causes you to focus and listen much more actively.  (I couldn’t agree more and if you need evidence click HERE)

*How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the band?
Well for one, we had a member leave the band and another member move across the country. We went from making decisions as a 4-piece to primarily operating as a 2-piece band, with input from our bassist Colin. While all of these decisions have been tough and toiled over extensively, people need to do what’s best for their sanity, We really think all of the transitions, no matter how difficult, have been for the best. Really the biggest hit is that we miss playing live altogether. Nothing to lament over too much though 🙂 

*Once things go back to full normal, what’s your dream venue (festival, show, etc)?
Dream? oh boy. Any of them big festivals would be great – Lolla, Coachella, Outsidelands. I think we have our sights set more on who we could share the stage with than which stages we wanna be on. It’s the best when you love the other artists you’re associated with. 

*Where did the name come from?
Just a silly name we came up with in college. If we knew then that we would have to spell out our band name every time someone asked us what we’re called, we might’ve thought twice about it. 

*Personal mantra or quote that serves to inspire you?
I do, but you’re supposed to keep your mantra a secret… (so true)

*One band or artist that each of you would recommend in a heartbeat?

*Peter: Dayglow

*Matt: Citizen

*Colin: IDLES

"...People get exhausted, desperate, and sidetracked. But I think the important thing is (and this is not a new concept) - falling in love with the process and learning to give up on results..."

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