“Some Men” by Mary McGuinness

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Mary McGuinness comes to Wolf in a Suit with the haunting and powerful sonic creation that is “Some Men”. With this eclectic and intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics she gives us a taste of her brand of storytelling that is just so amazing from start to end. The verses flow naturally one after the other painting a picture that is so human and so raw yet so beautifully inspiring and hopeful. Something about the track just connects with you from the moment you press play and fills you with a welcomed dose of warmth and joy.

Her voice is the perfect guide in order to traverse through this reality that she has crafted with such passion and such magic. So listen closely and fall prey to the sweet dose of escapism and inspiration that makes this a must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“I feel this song was channeled to me. It’s about my faith and hope in humanity. How we are capable of so much more. That we are hopefully evolving to a better place in our consciousness through these tumultuous times.”

Mary McGuinness

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