A double dose of … The Satellite Station

A Wolf in a Suit favorite, The Satellite Station comes to us one more time and he does so with a fresh and heartfelt dose of music and magic. With the first taste we enter the realm of “Chain Reaction” and inside we find a place that can easily be labeled as home for all who listen. The track is bittersweet yet so powerful and so in sync with the fragile nature of the human heart. He understands the ways in which regret, love, heartbreak and moving on can affect us and manages to tell a story that is sure to pull us in and become as much ours as it is his. The gentle yet firm grasp showcased within the verses make the experience so vivid and so human that you just can’t escape from it.

Location: USA

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And now… “Tiny Voices”

The uber-talented artist gives life to another fine showcase of heartfelt lyricism and down-to-earth melodic magic, say hello to “Tiny Voices”. With this soothing and refreshingly inviting showcase of musical warmth he caresses our senses and paints a picture that has it all to captivate us instantly. His voice shows a range that is absolutely spectacular, allowing the track to connect the dots instantly and invite us in. There’s something about this song that is so brilliant and simply just pure and honest. Listen to these amazing tracks and explore the unique dose of musical ambrosia that The Satellite Station has to offer. Enjoy!

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