“Back To The Quay” by Chloe Rodgers

From the UK comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Chloe Rodgers with a beautiful and heartfelt sonic creation in “Back to the Quay”. With this wonderful track she opens up her heart and soul and invites us to connect not only with the artist but also with the human being behind the magical voice. The way in which the melodies and lyrics flow hand in hand with each other make the soundscape so mesmerizing and warm that there’s no way you’ll not want to hear it over and over again. Chloe gives us a chance to dive into this world that is so beautiful, so human and raw that it just speaks to you and makes you feel invested in how it evolves. So listen carefully and embrace the sweet touch of this wonderful story as the track comes alive and easily earns the title of must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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 “I wrote ‘Back To The Quay’ about my papa (grandad) after I lost him. He was starting to get dementia, and then had a brain tumour removed and the op went wrong, and it was all downhill from there until he eventually passed away late 2018. He watched his own mum deteriorate in a similar way and always told us he didn’t want to make it that far, which is what the first few lines are about. He was an amazing, witty, funny and musical grandad who inspired me to make up stories, to sing and to be myself. I miss him so much. I’m happy with how the song turned out and I think he would have liked it too.I think he’d have loved it actually. His usual word was “tremendous”!!!”

Chloe Rodgers

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