“CICADAS” by Young & Sick

From the Netherlands comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter/artist Young & Sick with his latest sonic creation, say hello to “CICADAS”. With this exquisite blend of the classic and the new he gives life to a one-of-a-kind experience that is sure to connect with all who listen. The track understands how to connect the dots and caress our senses as it paints a picture that is so vivid and so lush. The dramatic and nostalgic touch of the arrangement makes it so enticing and hypnotizing from start to end. There’s no denying that within this track one can find a sweet dose of beauty and magic, making it a must for any music lover. So listen carefully and add this wonderful musical gem to all your playlists for it has it all to transport you to another land. Enjoy!

Location: Netherlands

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“Julio Cortázar once wrote about ‘nostalgia for the kingdom.’ You know the feeling; that full-body yearn for something never known, that deep-set desire to return to a place never inhabited, never been, never left. That’s what we’re dealing with here. Nostalgia for the Kingdom.”

Young & Sick

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