“Just Existing” by Daysormay

Canadian indie pop-rock band Daysormay comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the playful and charismatic sonic creation that is “Just Existing”. With this refreshingly enticing blend of melodies and lyrics the guys give life to a tale that is simply so raw and so rebelliously delicious from start to end. The soundscape explodes into the airwaves and offers music lovers the chance to be part of a sonic and visual adventure. Something about it just hits right and caresses our senses while injecting with a much-needed dose of electricity. So listen, see and dive straight into the world that makes this an instant must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: Canada

“Just Existing was one of those songs we have had for a long time. It started as this straight up guitar bass and drums song, and until we moved to Vancouver we didn’t know where it fit. It became one of our favourites live, so we felt it had to make the album.

We got to produce this one with Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat) and knew it would be right in his lane. It captures the live energy we love with the clarity of our favourite albums.

It was actually a mashup of 3 older songs we wrote that never went anywhere. We noticed there were parts in all of them that were cool, but the rest was just weighing them down, so we kind of Frankensteined all 3 ideas together into one.”

Aidan Andrews of Daysormay

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