“Imaginary Friends” by Des Rocs

Uber-talented indie rocker Des Rocs comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the electrifying and insightful sonic creation that is “Imaginary Friends”. With this passionate and rebellious in your face anthem, he comes to us with the perfect blend of melodies and lyrics to make it an instant hit. The track is exquisite from start to end and something about it just catches you off guard and invites you to be part of the world he has crafted with such care and intoxicating vibes. His voice is absolutely mesmerizing and stunning as it paints a picture that while personal manages to hit home for all who listen from the very first second. So listen and let go off all you know as you fall prey to his hypnotizing bravado and the sweet release found within this must-listen gem.

Location: USA

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“‘Imaginary Friends’ is a personal anthem that draws from a well of escapism. For me this song brings up all the darkest parts of myself – the journey of the last few years – and deals with all that darkness in one sort of manic exhale.

Des Rocs

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