“In a Haunted House” by Filiah

From Austria comes the uber-talented Filiah with the haunting and honest sonic creation that is “In a Haunted House”. With this mesmerizing showcase of the fragile nature of the human heart and soul, she paints a picture that is sure to find a home within all who listen. The track caresses our senses with utmost care as it provides us a mix of bittersweet yet hopeful verses that understand the reality of love and moving on. The melodies and lyrics dance quite perfectly together making sure to speak to our imagination and invite us to connect the dots and see ourselves within this tale. So listen carefully and embrace the sweet melancholy that lies hidden within this must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Austria

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“For me, this song feels like a trip through my diary entries. Seeing this whole past toxic relationship of mine pass by me again just made me realize that fighting for this one person had me ending up really tired. I’m saying one final „Goodbye“ and making peace with a ghost I’ve held on to for a long time. It’s the last song on my upcoming album and ends on a much lighter note than the rest, reminding me that trusting in people again is the hardest yet bravest thing you can do after trauma.”


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