“Inappropriate” by RIVER

German indie rock band RIVER comes to Wolf in a Suit with their debut single, say hello to “Inappropriate”. With this enticing and honest blend of melodies and lyrics, they give life to a tale that speaks to all with a simple yet raw approach. The soundscape understands the ways in which to connect with each listener making sure the story hits home to us all. Not only is the track an exciting sonic adventure but with the addition of the visuals, it manages to offer a full serving of the most amazing musical ambrosia. So listen, see and let this fantastic must-listen/must-see gem grab a hold of your senses and imagination. Enjoy!

Location: Germany

To listen on Spotify click HERE

This song is like traveling back in time to when we were still kids living each day to the fullest, not a care in the world. Not taking life and ourselves too seriously can be a lot harder than expected but with just the right bit of distance it’s a lot less drama than you think.


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