“red dress” by Philip Brooks

From the UK comes the uber-talented and captivating singer/songwriter Philip Brooks with their latest sonic creation, say hello to “red dress”. With this haunting and relatable blend of melodies and lyrics, they offer us a chance to escape from reality and find peace with this fantastic soundscape. The track is warm and understanding as it paints a picture that is quite vivid and lush from the moment you press play. Without a doubt, this track adds itself quite nicely into this fantastic evergrowing body of work that they have to offer us, lucky listeners. So listen, imagine and embrace the sweet touch of this contemporary must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“I’ve always been a very dramatic romantic person and feel everything very intensely, I think that really shows on this song. It like all songs on “quite early one morning” came very natural and unexpected. I had just bought an acoustic guitar and would play to myself right after waking up, to help feel less anxious. Plucking around with open tunings and humming little melodies. Some stuck in my head and, as if they morphed with my other thoughts, formed into verses and songs. Before I knew I was writing, I had this EP in front of me. As I wanted to keep the final recordings as raw and personal as the songs, I self-produced them in my Brighton apartment, embracing the sounds of the space and the imperfections in my singing and playing”

Philip Brooks

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