“MMC” by Des Rocs

US indie rocker Des Rocs comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the rebellious and in-your-face sonic creation that is “MMC”. The track serves as a powerful and raw blend of melodies and lyrics that explores the obsession with becoming someone else. The soundscape is quite riveting and exhilarating as it gives way for Des to break through and pull us into the reality that dwells within this story. Something about the song is simply so exciting from start to end managing to hit the spot and connect with our senses in a way that is just so awe-inspiring and so relatable.

He has really given life to a finely-tuned escape from reality (while staying in touch with it) that ends up quickly becoming a must-listen gem. Listen closely and fall prey to this modern-day tale of the fragile nature of the human mind and soul. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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