“Colors” by Thunder Jackson (The Knocks Remix)

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Thunder Jackson gets the special treatment with a sweet remix by The Knocks of his sonic creation “Colors”. With this exhilarating and utterly captivating and catchy connection between two really amazing musical acts, we get the chance to fall prey to danceable jam. The track caresses our senses and invites our bodies to find freedom and fun as it comes together from the very first second. There’s something about this collaboration that just hits the spots and pulls us into a world that is simply so beautiful and mesmerizing.

So listen closely to this amazing soundscape and allow the blend of melodies and lyrics to invite you into a world where you can have fun and dance. This remix easily earns the label of a must-listen gem and serves as the union of two exciting talents. Enjoy!

Location: USA

To listen on Spotify click HERE

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