“Beg” by M.A.G.S.

Uber-talented Los Angeles-based indie singer/songwriter Elliott Douglas Aka M.A.G.S. comes to Wolf in a Suit with the electrifying sonic creation that is “Beg”. With this exquisite and well-crafted soundscape, he unites pop and rock giving life to something so refreshing and so hypnotizing. The way in which the melodies and lyrics come together makes the track one for the books and becomes an instant fan favorite. Something about it just caresses your senses and speaks to your imagination in a way that is simply exhilarating and mesmerizing from start to end. So listen, see and explore the adventure that lies within this fantastic and outer-worldly fine taste of musical ambrosia.

Location: USA

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“I wrote Beg while I was in Buffalo visiting my family in January 2020. At this point in my life I was actively trying to change myself and face some of my demons. I could see the results of my efforts but I was still healing from a few old wounds. I didn’t really know what was next, figuratively and literally with the pandemic about to kick in the door.

I love this song because every part is kind of its own thing, and they kinda shouldn’t work well together but somehow, they do. I wanted the dynamics of this song to be part of the narrative, with the bridge basically just being an explosion of rage and passion.”


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