“Outsider” by Marsden & Richardson

From the UK comes the utterly mesmerizing and exciting indie act Marsden & Richardson with the powerful and honest sonic creation that is “Outsider”. With this down-to-earth and magical union of folk, rock and pop they give life to a tale so human and so raw. The soundscape explores the reality of strange, vulnerability and identity within modern society and the reality of our world. Something about this track is just so powerful that you can’t help but be hypnotized and in full awe of what lies within it. Plus the black and white visual approach goes so perfectly with the way in which the melodies and lyrics come together making this a truly fantastic experience to have for any music lover. Enjoy!

Location: United Kingdom

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“‘Outsider’ is a song about strength, vulnerability and identity. It’s about losing yourself and finding yourself anew, and that self being stronger than you imagined. It was inspired by the many great women artists who have consistently gone against the grain to follow their passion.

Marsden & Richardson

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