“Old Movies” by Natalie McCool

From the UK comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Natalie McCool with the haunting and personal sonic creation that is “Old Movies”. With this fantastic and soothing blend of melodies and lyrics she reminisces about the past and how at times it manages to keep having a firm grasp of us. She explores through well-crafted and honest verses how this can eat us from the inside and how it’s best to learn and find a way to accept that the decisions already made cannot be changed and one must grow and move forward with whatever the outcome was. It’s a fantastic soundscape that reminds us of the power and beauty that lies in accepting ourselves and the results of our choices. So listen close, and dive into this realm as you gracefully become one with the sweet magic that lies within this must-listen gem.

Location: United Kingdom

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“‘Old movies’ was the last track I wrote for the album. In the minutiae of life during lockdown I’d find myself working or doing something around the house and suddenly out of nowhere have this memory of something I’ve said or done in the past that I’m mortified by, and it would just hit me out of nowhere, and I’d agonise over it for ages. 

So Old Movies came out as an acceptance of those moments, however mortifying or embarrassing, just accept it’s in the past and you can move on. The chorus ‘sing yourself a new song’ has become some kind of mantra for me now, for when those moments hit.”

Natalie McCool

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