“Pretty” by Darla Jade

The uber-talented indie goddess Darla Jade comes to Wolf in a Suit once more and this time she arrives with “Pretty”. With this powerful and honest tale she explores the harsh reality behind the pressures set forth by society in regards to what looks aesthetically pleasing and what earns the merit of beauty. She breaks away from these so-called rules and accepts that nobody is perfect and in reality there’s no mold to fit in because in the end we are different and beauty is personal, not truly universal. She finds peace within her own fire and offers us a soundscape that is freeing and instantly inspiring and mesmerizing from start to end. So dive into this raw and human showcase of feelings and emotions and fall prey to the magic and relatable touch of this contemporary must-listen gem.

Location: United Kingdom

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The song is all about the feeling of pressure from today’s society and not wanting to fit into this aesthetic mold that somehow now seems almost expected. It’s also about not holding it together all of the time and letting yourself be accepting of that.

Darla Jade

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