“The Devil Is An Angel” by Jackson+Sellers

From the U.S. comes the newly formed duo Jackson+Sellers to give us the chance to explore the exquisite sonic creation that is “The Devil is an Angel”. With this track, they give life a special blend of rock and Americana that dances between the classic and the modern in a way that is quite intoxicating and exciting. The way in which the vocals and instruments come together makes the experience feel so vivid and lush as our imagination receives a shock of passion and energy. Something about the verses makes the story that is unfolding so much more real and hypnotizing allowing our senses to feel connected and part of it all.

They have really given life to a special must-listen/must-see experience bound to get you hooked and ready for more from this talented pair. So come closer and let us dive into this fantastic and out-of-this-world reality. Enjoy!

Location: USA

“With ‘The Devil Is An Angel’ we got to pay homage to one of my favorite songwriters and reimagine what the song would be like as a full-tilt rock song. As soon as Ethan played the guitar on the intro, it set the tone for the energetic heartbeat of the record.”

Aubrie Sellers

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