“Locktup” by Lone Wild

From the U.S. comes the indie rock band of your dreams, say hello to Lone Wild and their latest single, “Locktup”. With this amazing and playful blend of melodies and lyrics, they invite us into a realm bound to connect and offer us a sense of escapism. The soundscape is so vivid and so lush that you can’t help but be hooked by it from the very first second after you press play. Something about this track is just so amazing and on point that it is sure to become an instant favorite (it’s already one of mine).

So listen carefully and pay attention for it has it all to let your imagination find freedom and go wild as the track comes alive verse after verse. Make sure to add this must-listen gem to your playlist and to keep track of this electrifying band. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“We started to write this song at the height of quarantine in March of 2020. As time went on and lockdown sort of continued on; along with the general climate of racial injustices, the election and the whirlwind of emotion around everything else the media was dishing out – we began to finish this up and try to write something that helped us to take our mind off of it all and make all the ‘crazy’ take a backseat. Definitely a means of escape and a sort of soundtrack for all the wild times we went through and continue to go through.”

Lone Wild

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