“the beat is on hold” by KYTES

German indie pop band KYTES comes back to Wolf in a Suit with the catchy and playful sonic creation that is “the beat is on hold”. With this fun pandemic-inspired blend of melodies and lyrics, they explore the reality of the world during lockdown in their own unique way. The track manages to make the situation more pleasant and easy to connect with for it does not aim to remember the bad but instead offers us a positive and captivating view of the situation.

With the addition of the visuals they enhance the experience and make it so much more amazing and mesmerizing for all our senses. There’s no going wrong with this band, and this latest musical creation is further proof of this. So listen, see and explore the sweet escape offered by this contemporary must-listen/must-see gem. Enjoy!

Location: Germany

“This is a refreshing, danceable and powerful tune. In times where we all are in desperate need of some extra motivation, the track feels even stronger. We were struggling with inspiration for new music. Our tour got postponed twice, we just had released a record shortly before lockdown. So when it came to writing new songs, we had to go down another path. We had to incorporate all these things that happened in the last year. A long break, lockdown, all the things we missed so badly and all the weird hypes like banana bread, home workouts, live streams and so on. Ultimately the song is our call for normality, but in the most positive and uplifting way, we could think of. “


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