“ANGELS” by Young & Sick ft. MUNYA

Uber-talented multifaceted artist Young & Sick joins forces with the sweet magical voice of MUNYA to give life to “ANGELS”. With this exquisite musical match made in heaven they give life to a track bound to caress our senses and imagination that borders on perfection. The vocals flow nicely hand in hand offering us a chance to see two sides of one coin that give life to a tale so magical yet so human and palpable. There’s something about this track that simply understands the way to speak to your heart and soul in a way that is soothing and mesmerizing from start to end. So listen carefully to this sweet dose of musical ambrosia and explore the realm that comes alive verse after verse. Enjoy!

Location: Netherlands & Canada

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“Saying what a song is about can be thorny. Explicating something that you had to claw from your subconscious is usually a clumsy affair, sometimes we have to approach ideas obliquely in order to address them all. It is much easier to say who the song is for and move on from there. So, let’s say this song is for our dumb-asses being alive, and then let’s say this song is about providence or grace.”

Young & Sick

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