“Desastre” by Petite Amie

From Mexico comes the haunting and inviting sounds of “Desastre” by the indie pop-rock band Petite Amie. With this refreshing blend of melodies, lyrics and visuals they give life to a world bound to instantly connect with the listeners and pull them in to be part of it. The track is instant perfection and serves us with a welcomed dose of intoxicating and otherworldly touches that help it stand out with ease. Something about it just pulls you gently to be part of a tale that speaks to the heart and soul as it gives way for a raw and honest showcase of storytelling. The soundscape is stunning and offers with a vivid and lush escape from reality that is only enhanced by the addition of the music video to the experience. Keep their name in your book because they have it all to stand out and be a force to be reckoned with in the Latin-American music scene. Enjoy!

Location: Mexico

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