“flowers & sex” by EMELINE ft. smle

Los Angeles, California based indie singer/songwriter EMELINE joins forces with smle and together they give life to “flowers & sex”. With this exquisite and seductive blend of melodies and lyrics they offer women a chance to find their voice and their power and to remember that they can say what they want and what the crave from life, from work, relationships and all that lies in between. The track is a refreshing and much needed dose of modern-day rebelliousness that aims to empower women across the globe. The soundscape unfolds quite nicely into the airwaves and caresses our senses with a mesmerizing touch of realness and raw desire that sends a shockwave through our bodies.

They have managed to give life to a vivid and lush exploration of the self that does not let ancient taboos’ limit the power of its verses. So listen carefully and let your imagination and your body be free as this fantastic must-listen gem comes alive and pulls you in. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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