“Tell Me If It Hurts” by Dance Yourself Clean

US-based music project Dance Yourself Clean comes to Wolf in a Suit with the hypnotizing and relatable sonic creation that is “Tell me if it hurts”. With this refreshing and catchy blend of melodies and lyrics they give life to an electro-pop realm bound to come alive from the moment your press play. The track is instant perfection and the way in which the playful and fun sonic arrangement makes room for the voice to tell a heartfelt and human story is simply on point. Something about it is so vivid and so human as it gives life to a tale that is sure to feel as much yours as theirs. So listen carefully and let the sweet escape provided by this contemporary must-listen gem caress you senses and pull you in. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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"...You better make me learn to love the chase

Don’t say i never, say i never

Knew better than to wait on you to change

No money where your mouth is

That’s why you talk shit

I know that you think you got me

Wrapped around your finger maybe it’s

Time for me to cut you loose and call it quits

Call it quits..."

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