“Supernatural” by World’s First Cinema

US-based indie pop-rock band World’s First Cinema comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the haunting sonic creation that is “Supernatural”. With this refreshing and instantly captivating blend of melodies and lyrics they offer us a chance to explore a cinematic and surreal real. The track unfolds instantly into the airwaves and manages to play with our imagination while giving our senses a much needed shock. Something about this soundscape just hits the spot and gives us an escape from reality that is at times quite needed and welcomed. So listen carefully and let this sweet dose of musical ambrosia provide with all you ever needed in a must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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“‘Supernatural’ is a nod to the cinematic roots where this project first began. We feel that we’ve grown so much since we released our debut EP and we feel our music is reflecting that. Our songs will always have a cinematic element but ‘Supernatural’ really revives the overtly epic tones of our first EP. We wanted this track to be a sign to our fans to always expect those sonics from us as we explore different styles in our writing.” 

World’s First Cinema

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