“Less Alone” by amm

Uber-talented indie singer/songwriter amm comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the haunting sonic creation that is “Less Alone”. With this honest and introspective blend of melodies and lyrics she explore what it means to feel alone even if you are in a relationship with someone. It invites the listener to wonder and question to aim to truly understand themselves as they need peace within before trying to find peace in someone else. The track understands that we are fragile and at times like to blame others instead of simply learning and growing to get to know the me, myself and I. The soundscape unfolds not to blame but to educate and connect providing a warm and honest touch that helps inspire us as the story comes together. So listen, let your senses connect the dots and enjoy the ride that awaits within this must-listen gem.

Location: USA

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“Less alone is a song I wrote about feeling really alone in a relationship and having no control over that feeling. It’s about the suffocation of feeling trapped in something that makes you feel helpless and unloved, and blaming the other person for not meeting your expectations when, in reality, they might not even know how to love themselves first. All the while, you’re sticking around trying to make it work and feeling like you should give up.

The moral of this song is that if I’m living to fix my own bottomless pit of loneliness, I’ll never get what I want from anyone – just disappointment and a sense of being unfulfilled. It’s in realizing that everyone is lonely too that I’ll finally feel like maybe I haven’t actually been alone this whole time after all.”


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