“The Next Step” by Koka

From Germany comes the uber-talented singer/songwriter Koka with the haunting sonic creation that is “The Next Step”. With this refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics, she gives pop a much-needed break away from the norm to give life to something unique and quite beautiful. The track has a special touch that makes it quite freeing and inspiring in its own way and the visual and sonic sides converge quite nicely together.

The soundscape has a surreal yet strangely down-to-earth feel that caresses our senses and invites our imagination to become one with it. There’s no escape from the grasp of this mesmerizing must-listen/must-see gem and in all honesty, why would you want to escape from it when it has so much magic and inspiration to offer. So listen, see and let this amazing track offer you that dose of musical ambrosia you had been looking for within “The Next Step”. Enjoy!

Location: Germany

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“I wrote the song back in 2017 when I was still active in my past career of an architect and was seeking relief in personal growth and meditation. When I was becoming aware, that hard work and internal struggle do not lead to fulfilment; that finding meaning in our lives is definitely what we all long for, but so often no-one cares what our inner purpose in this life is. What dreams and talents did we come equipped with and are responsible for. The power in the practice of trust and a good feeling place started to change my life. So, the entire song and the lyrics came out just like that.”


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