“Hive Mind” by Sainte Victoire

From France comes the uber-talented Sainte Victoire with her latest catchy indie-pop single, “Hive Mind”. With this refreshing and introspective soundscape she wonders if being alone is better than with company that might not be the best. She explores the inner works of the human mind in a way that is quite relatable and inviting allowing the melodies and lyrics to flow nicely hand in hand. The track understands the way in which the listener needs to connect and offers us all chance to find a strange sense of peace and reflection within it. She understands that at times a balance is not that easy to keep on check for sometimes we just want what we want and there’s no holding back. So listen carefully and find a story within this must-listen gem that is sure to feel as much hers as it is yours. Enjoy!

Location: France

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