“Release Me” by Bayleigh Cheek

Up and coming indie rock singer/songwriter Bayleigh Cheek comes to Wolf in a Suit with the haunting sonic creation that is “Release Me”. With this track, she takes a trip within herself and discovers a lie and false sense of who she was and aims to break free from this and be true to her heart and soul. The track touches on a matter that is very much real and relatable as she explores what it takes to be comfortable with the truth. She offers us a chance to explore a blend of melodies and lyrics that feel surreal yet manage to hit the spot in a way that is so down to earth and human.

The soundscape is a must for any music lover for it offers a balance between soothing your senses while awakening your mind. So listen carefully and embrace the sweet dose of magic offered by this must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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