“PAIN” by Hunter Falls

From Belgium comes the always-amazing Hunter Falls with his latest sonic creation, say hello to “PAIN”. With this refreshing and personal union of pop and rock sounds, he offers the chance to find a connection with not just the singer, but also with the person. The track allows the melodies and lyrics to perfectly come together and caress our senses as he pours his heart out and finds freedom within this amazing soundscape. The track is a gateway that allowed him to find the fire within to face his own demons and move forward towards the artist and person he aims to become.

The track is pure and filled with feelings and emotions that are sure to resonate with any listener from the very start. So pay attention, close your eyes, and dive into the magic and honest feel of this must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Belgium

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“I’m putting all I have into this song. It tells my story in a way that I haven’t ever been able to before. I was afraid of letting people know I was hurt, damaged and scared. When I made this I finally was able to face my demons. I changed and then I really got to work. I changed my life around and showed everyone Hunter Falls exists. With this song I broke the cycle. It literally saved me.”

Hunter Falls

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