“Thank me later” by KINGS

Uber-talented up-and-coming indie singer/songwriter KINGS comes to us with another fantastic contemporary pop creation, say hello to “Thank me later”. With this mesmerizing and honest soundscape, she explores what comes after the breakup, the lies, and when both lives have already moved on in a relationship. She blends melodies and lyrics to give life to a vivid and passionate letter to an ex and the person he/she is with now. The track is honestly, something we all wished we could say to some of our exes and with this track, she gives us that freedom to sing along to it and at least in our imagination give ourselves that tiny pleasure. She offers us the chance to explore a youthful yet instantly relatable realm that feeds our senses all that they needed to find complete closure with a chapter from the past. So listen, imagine and enjoy the sweet escape offered by this must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: USA

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