“The Game” by Mia Lovelock

Australian indie singer/songwriter Mia Lovelock comes to Wolf in a Suit with the inspiring and inviting sonic creation that is “The Game”. With this uniquely enticing blend of melodies and lyrics, she offers us the chance to see a story that is bound to connect with all who listen. The track has a certain personal yet universal touch that is mesmerizing and instantly intoxicating. The soundscape offers us the chance to find inspiration within each verse as we think about our own quest to follow our dreams.

She has managed to give us an amazing must-listen gem that connects with our senses and gives us more than sweet music. So listen, be inspired, and let the magic of this track take over every fiber of your being. Enjoy!

Location: Australia

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“The Game is about being an individual endeavouring to follow their dream. It’s the challenge of following the path you are attracted to, and not to stray when there are many distractions and opinions thrown your way”. 

Mia Lovelock

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