“Lately” by Leyya

Austrian indie-pop band Leyya comes to us once more with the catchy and inviting soundscape of “Lately”. With this exquisite and fun blend of melodies and lyrics they put forth a simple invitation for us, to let go of all we know and simply dance. The soothing and hypnotizing feel of the voice blends perfectly with the danceable charm of the instrumental arrangement making it a hit. The track is quite frankly an amazing experience for your senses to come together and simply have a blast and enjoy one hell of a night. The approach taken is hypnotizing from beginning to end making this song a must-listen gem. Enjoy!

Location: Austria

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“Lately is an escape song. It is about letting yourself go; about fleeing from your head right into your body. For a night out, forget all your worries and troubles. Start to actually feel yourself and to set yourself free from toxic thoughts; to literally dance away your fears. Give yourself in, let the beat control your body. …and stay up till I meet the sun”

Sophie Lindinger

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